Brothers and Sisters.

I need to say something.. I need to say it before I explode.. This pressure is going to keep building up within me unless I speak about it.. Let’s start with the facts. There are racists in this world.. There are people that can look at another human being and not see they are a person, not see they are a father or mother, a son or daughter, a niece or nephew, a sister or brother.. They see a color. They see hatred. And I don’t understand it. I am a white woman and I cannot look at a latino, black, asian, or any other ethnicity woman and think they are less of a person to me.. But there are people out here that do.. It comes in every race.

I can’t watch it anymore. I have shut the tv’s off in my house and unsubscribed and unplugged from every social media source I have. I am not running from it. I am not putting my head in the sand but I can’t watch the responses to what is happening in this word. After the shootings I scrolled my Facebook and was horrified.. There was an african-american women who I knew and went to school with who were saying, “Black man where is you white woman now that you left us for? We are the only ones that truly love you and are standing up for you.” That hurt me.. In a very deep part.. I know plenty of people that have married outside their race and have had very successful marriages and raised families together.. They would lay down their lives for each other.. Then I look at my husband.. I am a white woman who married a white man but it was not the color of his skin that attracted me.. To be completely honest I was attracted to more Hispanic men before I met him. But I fell in love with him.. I fell in love with Travis. He could have been white, brown, yellow, black, purple, or green and I still would follow him to the end of the Earth. It doesn’t matter to me.. If his skin color changed tomorrow I would not feel an ounce different about him. So, I don’t understand saying only someone of Africans american decent can marry another African american and truly love them… That was a racist remark. I can get that the person who wrote this was hurting and was lashing out with anger.. But.. Curing hate with hate will never work.. An eye for an eye is leaving this nation blind..

Then I scroll a little further down my timeline and see one of my Caucasian friends saying, “All lives matter not just black lives.” Yes, I agree that all lives do matter and we are all children of God but I think you may be interpreting the Black Lives Matters movement incorrectly. Black Lives Matter is not saying ONLY black lives matter.. It is merely saying, “We matter TOO.” or at least that is they way I have interpreted it. I can understand that. Lets flip it for a second.. Just imagine for a second Caucasian friend you were the minority in a country and the people who inforced the laws were of the majority race of that country. Then you saw them holding down a man and shooting him in the chest and he was a minority same as you, then you saw another minority being shot in his car for no real reason, if you saw this ALL THE TIME. And if you had to have conversations with you children because they are of a minority race and tell them they have to be extra careful and take special measures because of the color of their skin.. If you had to look in your sons or daughters eyes and tell him you were sorry but it is how the world is.. If your heart ached every time they went out of the door..  As a tired and hurting mother, sister, father, brother.. Then.. Then would you be standing there saying “White lives matter” I bet you would. No matter what you race is.. We are trying to bring awareness about the injustices that still plague African american communities and the racism that is still in the world today. We should stand with our African american brothers and sisters.. Lets not let them stand alone. Silence is the problem. It’s not saying only black lives matter. The Black Lives Matter movement is saying that all lives matter. You just have to listen to the message and quit focusing on the words..

In my previous statement I know I mentioned cops and law enforcement. I used that as an example for what is going on in the world today. Do I think all cops are bad.. No.. I don’t think that it is all police officers fault. I think the fault falls on the ones that actually killed those men without just cause. Cops are the ones we call when we are in trouble to have our backs and protect us. And the majority of cops are just that. They are good men and women, pillars of their community, savers and protectors. I don’t know what the reason was the cops decided that pull the trigger on the men they have in recent days.. It could be improper training, ignorance, racism, or any multitude of things.. But time after time after time of this happening and something has to change and we have to open our eyes.. You can have bad people in every profession and every thing in this world. We have to stop pinning something bad on a whole group of people. I think that cops are held to a higher standard and are our protectors so when something like this happens it is all that much harder to understand. I can’t say I know for sure what happen in the two instances I spoke of.. I can only say what the media has shown. I’ve seen the videos and my heart hurts because what I saw was not right.. It was not right.

We need to look beyond someone’s outside appearance and start looking at their actions and who they are as a person. We are so quick to judge and put people neatly in a category we think they fit in. Then when someone in that category does something bad its the whole categories fault. I refuse to to think I fit or go into a category. I belong to God. I am His child just the same as every human on this Earth.. No matter the shade of your skin.. I can’t imagine what our God must think seeing this.. He loves His children so much and something He did to protect us and make us beautifully different and unique and we use it for evil and hatred. I am from European decent and farther away from the equator.. Maybe He made my skin a little lighter because I, and my ancestors, were farther away from the sun  and He needed a more effective way for me to absorb the Vitamin D I needed. And maybe my brothers and sisters of African decent were made with darker skin for another reason and because God loved them. Maybe the reason is because darker skin tones have eumelanin in it which is a natural sunscreen because God knew they would be closer to the sun. He did it to protect there skin. Do the research.. ( God loves us and does things to help us and we use them to tear each other apart.

Let’s come together.. Let’s stop the hatred and start fighting back with the same kind of Love and Compassion our Father Jesus taught us. So, to all my Asian, African-American, Hispanic and Caucasian bothers and sisters.. I love you. Let’s stand united.


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