Sight Through Another’s Eyes..

Let me tell you  how God showed me he has not forgotten me… I had been praying for a couple of weeks since my last progesterone test and they told me I didn’t ovulate that God would just show me something.. Let me know my faith and hope in trying to have this child is not for nothing.. That the needles, medications, bruises, and side effects are not for nothing… And he gave me this….

My cousin posted this on my Facebook not so long after these prayers..



I thought this was beautiful and how I sat and prayed it would be true one day..

Then my mom called me a few days later and told me this..

She said the my grandmother was praying one day at church. She said that she was praying for a woman that was going to have to go in for a colonoscopy to check for cancer.. She said then as she prayed she saw the screen of the colonoscopy and everything was clear and there was nothing to be found… Then she said as she prayed the vision changed and she saw my mom standing in the middle of a room holding an ultrasound to mine and Travis’s baby.. She said the women of our family were standing around her as she showed them the ultrasound and they were celebrating.. She said it was fast and quick but she saw it as clear as if she was standing in the room with my mom..

I cried when my mom told me this.. Sometimes God does not necessarily show things directly to us but through the ones who love us. It is amazing to me these two woman who I love saw the same thing and it wasn’t discussed between them.. I think if God showed me what He showed my grandmother or my cousin I would have thought that I just wanted it so bad I saw what I wanted.. And He knew that.. So He showed me in a way that is undeniable and unexplainable so He would know I know its Him. He was telling me what He showed me in a dream not too long ago.. That he has not forgotten me and He loves me.. And Oh how I love my God!

I haven’t heard yet about  the woman’s colonoscopy but I have no doubt it was clear and there was nothing to be found.. So in the time since I have finished my baby blanket… I figure when our child gets here they’ll need it..



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