Fertility Appt #2!!!

Went to the doctor today and was so excited. I went in and answered the usual questions.. Had to tell them about my gallbladder and gallstone episode.. Let me tell you about that..

About a month ago I was having some seriously bad pain in my stomach and back.. At first I thought it was the McDonalds I ate.. Then it got worse and the it became crippling.. So we went to Frye Hospital. After hours of pain and a ct scan later they told me they thought it may be some “sludge” or slight infection in my gallbladder.. They gave me a mild pain reliever and some antibiotics. Followed up with my doctor and she put me on omeprazol for acid and said it should help my gallbladder as well… Well.. Three weeks later the pain was back.. Went to Catawba this time and turns out I have two gallstones. I was so mad! Frye couldn’t see this but Catawba found them right away. So my enzymes were OK and there was no blockage or infection so an emergency operation was not needed. Now I have to follow up with a surgeon to schedule having it removed. The doctor said it was not something that had to been done right away but would have to watch what I eat and deal with the pain from time to time.

So.. Today I went straight back for my ultrasound.. And it was not the happy, warm gel on your belly ultrasound.. It was the dreaded internal ultrasound..😵 So we went through the series of pictures of the uterus and then she did the ovaries… My little meteors is what I call them. Little round sacs filled with dark little marbles.. After I laid there and she took picture after picture we were told to wait in the doctors office.

We sat in a different office than the last time. The last office had pictures of the doctors children the same as this one. The only difference was the age. The last one had their baby pictures, this one had them at preteen. The ceiling light was clouds in the last one.. I told you guys how I hated the clouds. Well, this one wasn’t clouds.. This one was a scene of the ocean. It had a coral reef with different kinds of fish. This made me laugh considering I am going to the beach in two weeks. Life is funny and I do believe God has the best sense of humor. We sat in the room and wondered how the ultra sound went. We could not tell a lot from the picture but the technician did point out the ovaries and uterus. After about thirty minutes the doctor walked in..


He said that he did not like what he saw so he wanted to do another ultrasound. My heart jumped and I think he could see I was scared in my eyes. He said that my uterus looked twisted and wanted to do another ultrasound. I went back in and got back in the stirrups. He first did an exam himself.. Unpleasant is really all it was not really any pain… It was really uncomfortable having someone looking at your bajinga with a flash light and two other people in the room staring at you.. I felt like I knew what it was like in that moment to be abducted by aliens.. So then he says he wants to fill my uterus with liquid to see it better and to make sure my tubes are open. A woman once told me this was painful… And she did not lie.. He placed, what he called, a balloon in my uterus and then proceeded to fill my uterus and tubes with liquid. He said, “You may feel a little pressure and cramping..” Pressure = Pain and Cramping = Freddy Krueger in your uterus. Then he says OK I’m going to add the rest and I just went to my happy place.. Horrible! After it was all done I did get to experience what its like to have your water break as I got up though.. Sorry I’ll stop grossing you guys out.. Bless..

So we went back to his office and he told me what he saw. He said at first my uterus was twisted but after filling it with the liquid it straighter out and looked completely normal. He said that a woman’s uterus moves around from time to time. He said my tubes were open and everything looked good but my ovaries.. Here’s the bad part.. I had 30 cysts on one ovary and 17 cysts on the other. He said if I needed to get my gallbladder removed then I would need to wait on the fertility meds. He said we would have to do another ultrasound after the gallbladder surgery. I opted out of it. He said I should be fine but may act up from time to time and pregnancy sometimes makes it worse. I told him I would deal with the pain and try for a couple of months. If it got worse in those months I would stop and have the surgery. He agreed to that..

I are now taking Femara. I will take it for  5 days and go back in a couple of weeks for a progesterone injection. We are so excited. I thank God everything went well! I thank you guys for your prayers! I know that made all the difference! I am excited for what God has in store for us and will make sure to keep you all updated. Today was my first day on Femara so I will let y’all know after a few days how its going. For now I will keep hopeful and will lift my eyes to God with prayer. I’ll leave you all with this verse and take solace in the fact that it’s true..



2 thoughts on “Fertility Appt #2!!!

    • Thank you Joy! I love you and your words of encouragement have been nothing short of a blessing for me! You have a pure and good heart and one of the Godliest women I know. You are not only a blessing but an inspiration to me!


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